Homeopathic Remedies for Tinnitus

After having treated many bad cases of Tinnitus , I can assure all those who suffer from Tinnitus that Homeopathy has a really wonderful treatment for it. Although tinnitus is not life threatening nor is it a part of any grave illness yet at times it can severly affect ones quality of life .

Tinnitus refers to a condition where an individual may hear sensations of sounds which are not actually present or there is no source of it. These sounds are usually have very different characteristics . Most of the people report ringing , hissing, buzzing or clicking kind of sounds. Tinnitus mostly occurs as a result of side effect of certain drugs. Middle ear problems or Internal ear problems can also lead to tinnitus like condition.Rarely , it can be associated with no medical condition and is called as ‘Idiopathic tinnitus’.

Homeopathy and Tinnitus

Homeopathic Remedies For Tinnitus  when there is Ringing sound in the ears

Homeopathic remedy China leads the homeopathic table in treating Tinnitus . I have had great success with Homeopathic medicine China in treating Tinnitus which is of ‘Ringing Type’ . I have also found out with clinical trials that Homeopathic medicine Iris Versicolor very effective in treating Ringing type of tinnitus whenever it is also related with deafness or hardness of hearing. Homeopathic medicine Formica Rufa is very effective WHEN THE PROBLEM IS MORE IN LEFT EAR and is accompanied by buzzing and cracking sounds in the ear.

Homeopathic remedies for Tinnitus when there is a Roaring sound in ears

Homeopathic Medicine Calcarea Flourica is one of the leading homeopathic medicines for all kinds of hard kind of calcareous deposits . In Tinnitus I have used it in conditions  where there is hardening of Tympanic membrane ( ear drum) and tinnitus that results out of it.Buzzing sound is quite well treated with Calcarea Flour whenever there is hardening of Tympanic Membrane. Another medicine that needs a lot of praise as Homeopathic Tinnitus Relief  and treats buzzing sound in ears is Silicea. This is very effective when after multiple onslaughts of middle ear infections there is scar formation and hardening of middle ear structures which leads to buzzing sound in ears. Silicea can be used irrespective of the kind of sound the tinnitus is showing up with as long as the causation remains the same (i.e  hardening or scarring of middle ear structures after recurrent middle ear infections.)

Homeopathic remedies for Tinnitus when there is a Buzzing  sound in ears.

A lesser known homeopathic medicine Primla veris  works wonders in treating tinnitus that has a buzzing sound in ears . Another symptom of this medicine is that the buzzing sound disappears when going into open air.

Homeopathic Medicines  for Tinnitus when there is a Hissing , whistling, cracking ,and echoing   sound in ears.

Homeopathic remedy Aethusa is an excellent remedy for tinnitus that presents itself as hissing sound in ears . Manganum Aceticum is effective for whistling sounds . Homeopathic medicine Graphites is effective for treating Cracking sound in ears and homeopathic medicine Belladonna for sounds that echo in ears

Homeopathy – Natural Remedy for Hearing Loss

Where Homeopathy can provide natural relief for tinnitus it can also be a natural remedy for hearing loss . Many homeopathic medicines like Graphites , calcarea flour and Kali mur can be a great alternative treatment for hearing loss .

Is Homeopathic treatment for Tinnitus a part of  Natural remedies for Tinnitus ?

Homeopathy for tinnitus is very safe . There are no side effects with homeopathic remedies for tinnitus and  the medicines are made of  naturally occurring substances which are very natural to our body.


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